Also pronounced Faluda, this is a sweet Indian drink -kind of like a smoothie- that my mother made with dinner a couple nights ago. This particular flavor is my favorite because it’s strawberry and has little seeds in it. I used to abhor this drink when I was a kid because the little seeds looked like eyeballs and everytime I would take a sip, I’d feel like I was ingesting about a hundred googly-eyes!
I’m glad I still don’t have the phobia, because this drink tastes even better with ice-cream. Vanilla works best but you can put any flavor you like. Just don’t add chocolate ice-cream because that alters the flavor completely.
I urge you to try to make it sometime because it just takes 5 minutes prep time and 30 minutes in the fridge to chill. Sometimes my sister and I freeze it to make ice-cream pops on really hot days.
If you have any questions, please comment below and I’ll answer them as best as possible!



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