Re:Framed “Just a Frail Girl”


What does it feel like when someone underestimates you? Like when someone completely underestimates you and they fail to realize that you have so much potential in you and you can be capable of achieving great things? I wonder how Antigone could stand back when people called her “just a frail girl to look after her father.” For those of you who don’t know who Antigone is, have you heard of the book “The Oedipus Cycle” by Sophocles? When I first started reading that book, it made no sense to me at all, but as the book progressed, I began to admire the qualities of Antigone. She strikes me with her courage and willingness to give up her whole life to guide her blind father who is exiled from his city. What is really astonishing is that she does this for her father because she loves him and she believes it is her duty as a daughter—what about her brothers? Well, they don’t even care and are too busy fighting off one another. When one of the brothers does come to visit Oedipus, it is for a personal gain. How can they be so vain and heartless and then feel sympathy and pity towards Antigone for enduring prolonged pain and hardship? This prejudice was mainly because she was a girl and had no one to support her. Whatever happened to equality?

Even if people fail to realize the potential within us, we can prove that they are incorrect, not by telling them or arguing with them, but by showing our capabilities with our actions, just as Antigone did by being there with  her father when he needed her most.

I love how this picture tells us how to be happy in life. Its like my English teacher said, “In life, find what you are awesome at and keep doing things that make you awesome.”




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