Re: Framed My First English Test

photo (9)

I wish.

NO, it’s not possible to have perfect lives, at least not all the time. Its the same thing with baking. Not everything I make tastes great, and it doesn’t always turn out to be the way I expect. Sometimes, life is difficult because we all have our own problems and school can be very challenging… especially the English test I took on Friday.

Okay, if everyday was a cookie, then the number of chocolate chips inside represent challenges. I know what you are thinking, chocolate is so good!! How can that be a challenge? Remember, after each challenge is overcome, there is happiness and ease… just like the chips on your cookie. So if you have tons of chocolate chips, that means tough day ahead, but in the end, that depends on your perspective. photo (7)

Back to last Friday’s English test;

So my immediate reaction to the test was like a child.”That’s not fair!” doesn’t work in life. I’m glad I realized that early because now that a couple days have past, I can see that was one of life’s curve balls. One test isn’t going to stop me from doing anything now, is it? (Lucky me, its just the beginning of the school year:) ) And going back to the cookie analogy, this was a huge challenge, so it should have a better surprise after I accomplish it, right?

photo (5)

I ❤ Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies. I made them Friday and they were devoured in minutes…

photo 2 (2)

My favorite combination of chocolate chip cookies is chocolate milk. There can never be too much chocolate!

photo (10)

My dad’s twist with raisons, almonds, walnuts (no honey!) and even cream cheese stuffed centers.

photo 3 (4)

I like making cookies because with just the standard batter, you can make so many different combinations to satisfy a person’s taste!



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