Re: Framed Healthy Criticism Should be Accepted with a Swirl of Frosting

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Criticism is critical in baking. No, I definitely don’t want someone to come up to me and say “Your cupcakes tasted disgusting.” Ouch. Now that would really hurt. For some of you who don’t really bake and usually just go to a bakery for pastries, I have a question for you: Do you have ANY idea how much time a baker spends in perfecting her cookies and cupcakes and then bringing it to school the next day to get feedback and make her friends smile?

If I bake something at home on a Sunday, I most definitely bring it to school. A couple weeks ago, for the first time, I made Rosewater-Pistachio cupcakes. I am very enthusiastic about trying new dishes and this particular cupcake recipe had been on my mind for a really long time. It’s fun trying something new, but there is always the risk of it failing. I absolutely hate having to throw away a batch of failed cupcakes (and believe me, that has occurred a lot in the past) and I wanted to make these perfect.

Visual steps:

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I misplaced my mini cupcake baking tray and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I was relieved when the cupcakes had still kept their shape and not overflowed. With a home made light swirl of baby pink butter cream frosting topped with pistachios and green sprinkles, who can resist this temptation?

Since they were mini cupcakes, I baked multiple batches and made sure I had enough to take to school the next day. The cupcakes were totally a hit! My friends loved them and I definitely wanted feedback. Other that them saying “Omigosh! They are so cute!!!” or “That was like the best cupcake ever!” I asked them what I should change  when making this recipe next time.

Repeatedly I heard different people suggest, “Maybe have the pistachios chopped up instead of the whole thing inside?” I am grateful for them criticizing my baking in a way that would perfect my cupcakes for round two because if I hadn’t brought them to school, I would have never known what I could have done to made my cupcakes better.

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They aren’t perfect. Not yet. Almost there. And with the helpful criticism, this test batch will be officially proclaimed “PERFECT” in Round 2!!!

If you would like me to post the recipe of this, please comment below to let me know.

Thanks for reading!



5 thoughts on “Re: Framed Healthy Criticism Should be Accepted with a Swirl of Frosting

  1. Love it!! Thank you so much for letting me have one of these they were delicious, and “Ohmigosh so cute!”
    It’s really admirable that you are able to accept criticism and understand that it’s meant to help you, especially with something so specific as baking.
    Keep on creating delicious treats and feel free to bring them to schoo! (for me)
    Also, I would love for you to post this recipe!

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