Box Mixes: To Use, or Not to Use?


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RE:Framed: I like Baking Cupcakes More than I like Eating them


I’m not kidding. I seriously enjoy making cupcakes more than I like eating them. Baking is more than just a hobby for me. Its actually a huge part of my life.

A few years ago when I was in middle school, everyone was developing their talents. Most of my friends were musically talented and others were athletic and some were computer tech. It really made me wonder, what am I good at? Other than writing short stories, I realized that people appreciated my baking. In 7th grade, I must have brought cupcakes 6 times and every time I did, everyone really loved them. I kept bringing them in 8th and 9th (and I still do!!!) and I can recall my friends teasing me and saying I was going to open a bakery when I grow up.


I have been baking as long as I can remember. I recently watched a movie called “The Guru of Go” where this man was an extraordinary basketball player and I thought to myself, the only way he was that good was because he practiced and NEVER gave up.

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Tropical Kulfi


Kulfi is the perfect dish to make on a hot summer day. I know its November and fall is transitioning to winter, but here in Southern California, the days are really weird. Take yesterday for instance, it was so hot. And today? Opposite. Not really cold, but slightly chilly and gloomy. Nonetheless, I love eating kulfi and I am the type of person who would eat ice-cream even when it is raining outside. 🙂

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Re:Framed Cupcake Recipe Vetted!

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I just got a perfect recipe for Red Velvet cupcakes! I love chocolate  and since Red Velvet is just chocolate cupcakes died red, they are one of my favorites.

On Saturday, my three yr-old sister’s enthusiasm for baking made me decide to make some cupcakes. I am more of an early person and so nothing makes me happier than being in the kitchen with no fuss to deal with. It was 7 AM and we got started.

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