Tropical Kulfi


Kulfi is the perfect dish to make on a hot summer day. I know its November and fall is transitioning to winter, but here in Southern California, the days are really weird. Take yesterday for instance, it was so hot. And today? Opposite. Not really cold, but slightly chilly and gloomy. Nonetheless, I love eating kulfi and I am the type of person who would eat ice-cream even when it is raining outside. πŸ™‚

So this was my Veteran’s Day weekend Dish. I decided to skip baking and make a different type of dish; a frozen one.

For those of you who have been patient and waited and actually made it this far, you are probably wondering, What is a Kulfi?!?! Is she ever going to explain???

Well, a kulfi is an Indian dessert, just like ice-cream, but you don’t need an ice-cream maker to make this recipe. Instead, this recipe calls for 30 minutes of continues stirring and your arm will definitely be sore afterwards. But the end result is worth it.

Here is the recipe followed by the visual steps!

Pistachio Kulfi

2 liters milk

1/2 cup sugar

2 tablespoon honey

1 cup Pistachios

2 cardamons

a pinch of Saffron (optional but highly recommended)

Now for the visual steps

Take a cup of pistachios and chop them into bits. Not superfine. You do not want to grind all the pistachios into powder because while you eat your Kulfi, small chunks of pistachio give it a rich flavor.


Chopped up with some chunky pieces.


In a large pot, boil your milk and add the Safron.


After (literally) 30 mins of continuous stirring, your milk should be less than 1 liter. Don’t panic if you think you are evaporating too much of the milk. Remember, the kulfi, unlike an ice-cream is heavy condensed milk. When the milk should reaches a thick consistency, stop and let it cool. (Make sure the bottom does not burn.)


You can see by the lines on the side of the pot that the milk decreased a lot.


After it has cooled, pour it in your ice-cream tray, or if you don’t have an ice-cream tray, just pour it in your cup. Or even an orange.

306 picmonkey

Thats my dad pouring it in the ice-cream tray. We still had the Kulfi milk left over, so my dad came up with a really creative way of freezing it.

Putting it inside an orange.

This is an empty orange.


This is an orange filled with Kulfi


Freeze the Kulfi for about 5 hrs and they should be good to go!

After five long hrs of patience…


…your very own, home-made Pistachio Kulfi!


But wait! There is more!

The orange we froze..


…with a serving suggestion


Fresh watermelon with a Pistachio Filled Orange Kulfi… who cares if the weather is cold outside?

Recommend everyone to make this. Takes a little bit of extra effort and after stirring the milk, guaranteed your arm will feel dead, but isn’t the end result woth it? When you put all your hard work into making a recipe and the result is better than you expected, that is what makes you want to make it again, and again and again. You can’t go wrong. Just follow the steps!!





7 thoughts on “Tropical Kulfi

    • I had to change my tulip layout. The comments were so dark they wouldn’t show. I miss the tulips too but I also like this theme. πŸ™‚

    • It IS VERY tiring, but honestly worth the effort. In the end, you make your own homemade ice-cream without using an ice-cream churner

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