RE:Framed: I like Baking Cupcakes More than I like Eating them


I’m not kidding. I seriously enjoy making cupcakes more than I like eating them. Baking is more than just a hobby for me. Its actually a huge part of my life.

A few years ago when I was in middle school, everyone was developing their talents. Most of my friends were musically talented and others were athletic and some were computer tech. It really made me wonder, what am I good at? Other than writing short stories, I realized that people appreciated my baking. In 7th grade, I must have brought cupcakes 6 times and every time I did, everyone really loved them. I kept bringing them in 8th and 9th (and I still do!!!) and I can recall my friends teasing me and saying I was going to open a bakery when I grow up.


I have been baking as long as I can remember. I recently watched a movie called “The Guru of Go” where this man was an extraordinary basketball player and I thought to myself, the only way he was that good was because he practiced and NEVER gave up.

I can’t quit at baking. Ask an orchestra member to stop playing her clarinet because she went off tune in a performance, or ask a runner to stop running because they lost a race. Of course if they are dedicated they will say NO WAY. If you practice something all your life and try hard perfecting, just because you fail along the way doesn’t mean you are bad. I spent countless hours making cupcakes and there are times when they don’t turn out to be what I expect. I obviously get upset, but for me to move on with any catastrophe(yes, a failed batch of cupcakes are a catastrophe for me) I need a support group.

My family has supported me in baking ever since I can remember. My mother always made me cupcakes and cookies and invited me to help her and eventually I grew very passionate about baking. My dad must have tried every type of banana bread recipe and together we made everything, from almond cookies to homemade pizza. I grew up on Betty Crocker Cake mixes and now I make everything from scratch.


I made Vanilla Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream on Saturday to sell for a fundraising project I am doing in my community. I sold these for a dollar and my friend even told me, “1 dollar for these cupcakes? You should charge people 2!!”

I wasn’t trying to make these expensive but I guess I could have made the price a bit higher? Do you have any suggestions about the price? Please comment below.

For me, Baking doesn’t just mean chocolate and yummyness. I can’t enjoy cupcakes if I eat them by myself. I mean who enjoys having something great but keeping it to themselves. If I make something, I share it with my family and I just have to bring it to school and see the delight on my friends faces.

After all, what is happiness if it isn’t shared with people you love?



The Nutella Buttercream was fantastic and a lot of people asked me to make it again.



Thanks for reading and remeber, keep doing what makes you awesome!


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5 thoughts on “RE:Framed: I like Baking Cupcakes More than I like Eating them

  1. Nice cupcakes Zainab! Quick question on the frosting, did you use just nutella, butter, and powdered sugar? Or perhaps a dark chocolate base + nutella? When I made my Nutella Cupcakes I used the chocolate base and nutella and I’m wondering if just plain nutella, with butter and powdered sugar tastes better.

    • Thanks Kristie!
      I made my frosting using butter, nutella and powdered sugar. I didn’t go for the option of a dark chocolate base because I just wanted a light frosting with the vanilla cupcake to make a light snack. I think I would use the dark chocolate in the frosting if I wanted to make the taste very prominent such as peanut butter cupcakes with nutella frosting?
      As for which tastes better, I really wouldn’t know because I haven’t tried your recipe yet. But you should make this frosting because it’s really good!

  2. “After all, what is happiness if it isn’t shared with people you love?” I love this quote. These cupcakes look really good, but I think it’s good you capped the price at $1, because otherwise people might have been hesitant to buy some. How did your sales go?
    I think next time you should make macarons, but when you do, call me over to help! I’ve always wanted to make macarons but never could find the time (or ingredients). I’ve also done a lot of research on good recipes and tips to making the perfect macarons πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks:). I think $1 is just perfect as it isn’t overpricing the cupcakes, but I wish there was a way to make more profit for our fundraisers. Our sales are going great by the way!
      I’m planning on making macarons this thanksgiving break so be prepared to come over and make some totally delicious french cookies with me!

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