RE:FRAMED: “You Can’t be Mean and Funny at the Same Time”

“I did my Best”

That was all my 11 yr old sister said.

photo (28)

She did her best, she really did.

My sister made cupcakes and frosting from scratch for the first time. She didn’t just go for plain vanilla or chocolate, she challenged herself and made Vegan Baklava cupcakes with Cinnamon Icing and Caramel drizzle.

That’s a lot for an 11 yr old to achieve. Especially ALL by herself. 

She absolutely refused to let me help her bake and I felt proud of her for trying to accomplish a huge task.

The cupcakes required multiple steps and since they were vegan, it was trickier. I myself had never made a vegan cupcake so I was a bit shaky about it.

Vegan Cinnamon cake batter

Vegan Cinnamon cake batter

Baklava filling on the bottom of the cupcake liners

Baklava filling on the bottom of the cupcake liners

I really hadn’t mean to be rude. I love my sister and her cupcakes were DELICIOUS.

Filled with nuts and a cinnamon spongy light cake on top was perfect. The frosting was balanced with cinnamon buttercream and a salt caramel drizzle.

It was her first time piping swirls on the cupcakes, so they weren’t what you’d call the most attractive looking.

Me, unable to keep my mouth closed laughed her cupcakes and meant it as a joke, but I had no idea that it crushed her heart after making cupcakes for 3 hrs.

She was really upset and I apologized and everything is okay between us now, but I feet bad. I still feel bad now. How can I make fun of something she made when she put her heart to it?


If people saw at the first cupcakes I frosted….

well actually, the first cupcakes I frosted had been given to my family 🙂 and not one of them laughed at me, but kept encouraging me to do better.

My family is the best support group I can ever have.

Especially my youngest sister who is 3 1/2. She will literally eat ANYTHING I give her.

I am proud of my 11 yr old sister. She did an amazing job and I want her to keep baking. I was rude to her and I learned not to ever make fun of anyone’s baking. Because after all, before proceeding with an action towards someone else, one should always think,

“How would I feel if someone said/acted that way towards me?”

My cinnamon carameley gooey cupcake. Tasted YUMMY :)

My cinnamon carameley gooey cupcake. Tasted YUMMY 🙂

Thanks for reading and if someone you know had a bad baking (or frosting) experience, be sure to make them feel better by using encouraging words instead on saying things that may put them down.


Zainab ❤


6 thoughts on “RE:FRAMED: “You Can’t be Mean and Funny at the Same Time”

  1. It looks like your sister did a great job! Especially for her first time. They look delicious! Maybe you’d feel a bit better if you showed her your post, so she could see how proud you are of her and how impressed others are by her work! 🙂

  2. Thanks! I showed my sister this post and it made her really happy! She was also surprised with the feedback I got from this blog and it does make me feel a lot better now. 🙂

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