RE:Framed: Don’t Judge a Cupcake by it’s Frosting

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A while back, on one of my posts, I was asked what matters to me more; the look of my cupcake, or the ease of access in eating the cupcake. This question required me a bit of time because I decided to survey people to see what their opinion on the frosting was. Of course, it seemed only reasonable that I dedicate a whole blog post to that comment 🙂 Continue reading


RE:Framed: The Art of Giving (Cupcakes)

Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream Frosting.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream Frosting.

I felt terrible last week. I felt like I wasn’t able to reach people’s expectations, I felt unprepared for my AP European History Tests, and on top of it all, I was so shocked at our first ‘Terrible Theriault Quiz’*.

*Terrible Theriault Quiz: Quiz formulated by my honors English teacher. High chances that the student will not be able to pass with an A. Test designed to make the student feel hopeless and confused.  Some questions are there to trick you and make you feel hopeless and…(not allowed to share more test/quiz info)

So ANYWAYS, I was feeling down, and I remembered what my Accelerated Geometry teacher told the class when we were freshman:

“If you are ever having a bad day, do something good for someone, and see how much better it makes you feel”

On Monday, I brought My Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake recipe (will post soon) with my signature Nutella Buttercream frosting.

Everyone I gave it to really loved it, and kept saying “ZAINAB THESE ARE SERIOUSLY AMAZING!”

My favorite comment was from Kayleen who said:

 The cupcakes from today were so good. The frosting was amazing. Maybe one day you should give me the recipe or make me a tub of it if you don’t want to give my the recipe. I could eat the frosting by itself it’s so good. thanks for sharing!

Thanks Kayleen! And I’ll definitely post the recipe for the Nutella Buttercream since it seems to be a favorite among all my cupcake tasters!

One of my friends was actually quite sad today and after giving her the cupcake, it put a smile on her face and that made me happy. Happiness is so contagious.

I think the cupcake liners for the cupcakes are so cute! They match the frosting and the background.

I think the cupcake liners for the cupcakes are so cute! They match the frosting and the background.

This recipe was my best yet and I realized that when I’m usually feeling down, I bake. I always bake. It’s what keeps me going and helps me feel better.

Yes I need to study, and the good part of the ‘Terrible Theriault Quiz’ is that I think I’m understanding how to study for them! Sure they are always capricious, but not COMPLETELY impossible. I actually got a really good score on the test we took on Friday, and we have another one this upcoming Thursday. I am prepared to ACE it 🙂