DIY Butterfly Cake

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I’ve waited a long time to post this DIY cake. At first I wasn’t sure why, but now  I have realized why I keep posting. Its the audience. The feedback I get from my wonderful readers means so much to me and the comments and ‘likes’ make my day. So I wanted to say a quick thank-you to everyone before I posted this simple DIY Butterfly cake tutorial.

The cake has a huge story tied to it. Involves anger, frustration, and sisters. The exciting part is that this cake was entered a Candyland carnival for a cake decorating competition and it was awarded third place:)

Abbreviated story:

Two months ago

I received a flyer for a cake decorating competition and was thrilled at this opportunity. I had everything planned: the type of cake I was going to make, the color of frosting I was going to use and all the decorations laid out. The only thing I hadn’t prepared for was the unexpected; and when the catastrophe took place, I was in utter panic. The morning of the competition was one of the most stressful mornings I have ever had.My electric hand mixer stopped working.

Yes it broke.

(This was before I got a kitchen aid electric mixer that made my life so much better.)

I know it may not seem like a big deal but I needed to make enough frosting from scratch to frost a whole cake and I needed TIME. I became so upset and I refused anyone’s opinion. Staying stubborn wasn’t going to help me win a competition, and that’s when I was aided by sister.

This cake would have been IMPOSSIBLE to make without her. She was the one that made me come to my senses when I wanted to quit. I owe a lot of credits to her. She is amazing and thanks to her back up plan, we made this fun cake and even won in the end!

Her back-up plan?

She whipped the frosting with a whisk by hand for 30 approx minutes. She remained calm and I admire her quality of quick thinking and her willingness to put effort to help me with the cake. When the winners were announced, my sister received no recognition for her hard work because her name wasn’t entered in the competition but without her help, I would have not won third place and be awarded a Starbucks gift card. My sister did all this work for me just to see me succeed 🙂 and even though she is three years younger than me, I learn a lot from her.


Anyways back to the cake tutorial….


I am not lying when I say its super easy to make. Just take baby steps and I promise everything will turn out fine.

First make a cake of your choice and bake it in a circle pan. Chocolate chip? Mint chip? Banana Nut Cake? I stuck with plain simple vanilla. After the cake has completely cooled, cut the cake in half.

photo 5 (4)

Second, rotate the two halves so they are oppositely facing eachother. Cut off a small triangle shape in each of the ‘wings’ of the cake and attach the two triangles in the center, making a body.

photo 2 (33)

Now frost! And decorate with lots of sprinkles and M&Ms. Add glitter and have fun with this project. The judges have no idea how simple it was to make this cake….and who’s going to tell them? Definitely not me ^-^


Zainab ❤



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