Living a HEALTHY and STRONG life.

We live in a generation where crazy sayings are led to teenagers being mislead and believing:

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”

Sorry Kate Moss, you’re wrong. Why should being very skinny ever be a compliment? A person shouldn’t starve them self just to look “fashionable” and attain a “model status.” Why not choose to be healthy and strong rather than skinny? I’d rather be living a healthy lifestyle and being fit and active than be anorexic girl and starve myself from eating a foods I love.


His unique training routine includes boxing raw meat….

Rocky Balboa aka Sylvester Stallone, is legendary heavyweight boxing champion in the movie series Rocky. Although Sylvester Stallone plays a fictional character: Rocky; he built his body along the way for the movie series and dedicated his life to training. Rocky was hardcore and believed in  never giving up; he stayed strong, even when he went through all the tough obstacles in his life.

Training to built the body and muscles as Rocky Balboa would be quite challenging and strenuous. Rocky’s day began by drinking 5 raw eggs (uggh) and then started the intense early morning cardio routine which was built upon the previous day. Every time Rocky would reach his goal, he’d challenge himself to do better and raise his own bar.


Famous scene of Rocky Balboa doing his early morning workout

No one is asking you to train like Rocky. If you can be like him and train that hard and seriously, then you deserve a cookie 🙂

On the more serious note, exercising with a strenuous workout is challenging when one first starts, but when done repetitively, it becomes part of a person’s daily life.

Living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining it isn’t quite hard when you incorporate foods you love. This is a list of foods that have lots of nutrients, antioxidants, calcium, protein, and carbohydrates. The key to maintaining your becoming healthy? BALANCE.

Balance all these foods, incorporate them in your diet, and minimize the junk food! I’ve also become more health conscious and made less cupcakes and sugary foods this past month because the more I care about my health now, the better my future will be! (Inshallah)

1. Fruits-Apples, Blueberries, Strawberries… these supplements contain everything that you would possibly need to stay active all day! Fresh fruits are the best to take on a hike in the mountains or even a quick snack at a picnic.


2. Nuts- calorie packed snacks can be eaten at secretly in class during a test(when you need that energy boost) or even at work when you are running out of energy to continue the day and need a quick fuel-up!


3. Fish- Baked Alaskan Salmon. Say no more, its already watering my mouth. There is a catch though…. CUT DOWN ON THE CHIPS (if you have been excercising and working out…this note is not for can go ahead and enjoy 🙂 ). Yes, fish and chips taste great together, but are you seriously going to eat all those fries when you can eat the tasty and healthy salmon? Sometimes you have to pick the best options and limit your calories!


Fisherman’s Outlet, California

This list is short and only contains three different types of healthy foods but the variety is endless! There are so many alternative options to junk food and sugary drinks that it is possible to change now. Yes, if you are attempting to go healthy, then I’ll warn you, you will slip into your old habits, you will fall, but you must remember to pick yourself back up and stay on track.

“It’s how much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.”

-Rocky Balboa

Don’t loose courage. It’s possible to start becoming fit and living up to your goals. Start getting inspired. Find a trainer or a coach to help you keep meet your goals. Believe.


Zainab ❤


5 thoughts on “Living a HEALTHY and STRONG life.

  1. Zainab!!! This was such a great post!
    However, there was one thing you said about being skinny that I had to address: “skinny is weak.” Often times, women or even men “fat shame” each other–as if being fat was bad. And well, same with being thin; you say it’s a weakness. And, yes, health wise being overweight is bad and same goes with being too skinny, but to me, this is about the way body images are being portrayed. The curvy girls can say, “Love your curves!” but the naturally skinny girls aren’t allowed to say, “Love your bones.” People often shame one and praise the other, but really we should be happy about the way we naturally look. We should always strive to be healthy, but girls who are naturally more thin and naturally underweight can’t love their bodies as much as girls who are curvy. It’s sad the way that this society chooses a specific body image that’s considered beautiful when in reality all body types are beautiful.
    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve mentioned the word “naturally” before skinny because I want to cause no confusion with eating disorders. People often think that only skinny girls have eating disorders when in reality, regular and larger girls can too have eating disorders. The reason why men and women have eating disorder is because of media portrayal of the ideal body type, and, well, like I said before, all body types should be praised as beautiful. Unfortunately, the media doesn’t always do what is best for societal views.You can’t just tell a person with an eating disorder to go eat food or whatever– it’s more psychological than that. That’s all.


  2. Love your input on it Jean. You basically summed up what I want to say, and when I said “skinny is weak,” I associated it with people having disorders and starving themselves to look “gorgeous” thinking its fashionable. I agree with you about media not wanting the best for societal views and its time people realized they can’t trust everything they see or hear on the media, T.V. being the number one influence.

  3. YES! Yes on all levels Zainab! Great post 🙂 I recently made a decision that I wanted to improve how I looked AND felt. Not once did I think about being skinny…only about being healthy. I’m not overweight at all but I’m not particularly healthy either! I’ve not cut out any food groups but I have wised up to what I’m putting in to my body – I will always love cheese, meat, prosecco and cake (of course!) but I’m not denying myself either! I eat well, treat myself and make sure I work out too! I walk everywhere and make sure to pop to the gym if I know I’m going to have a particularly naughty weekend! Im so much happier being fit and healthy and still eating the foods that I like 🙂 by trying to eat healthier I’ve discovered so many new foods and different things to eat…it’s brilliant! Variety is the spice of life and all that jazz 😉 great post 🙂 xx

  4. Not only is eating healthy great, but exercising makes you feel amazing and look amazing too. The hardest thing to do is start. Once you do it, you’re 90 percent of the way there. Exercising can compensate for those days when I really do want to eat half the cake 🙂

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