Do actions speak louder than words?

Its the end of the year and the Seniors are graduating this Wednesday! I couldn’t be more excited for my friends but it saddens me that so many of them are leaving and the people I’ve looked up to all year aren’t going to be here next year.

Have you ever felt like you wanted to explode with emotion and tell someone something, but you couldn’t express how you felt? Like all these feelings are bottled up inside and you’ve already ran a conversation in your head at least 10 times, but when you go to speak, nothing comes out? Or it goes all wrong and nothing turns out how you expected it to be.t

It’s hard for some people to express themselves using words. Its hard to choose what to say when and sometimes a simple action of gratitude towards someone can impact a person a lot more than a whole thank-you speech.

Take Holden Caulfield for example. He’s the narrator of the Catcher in the Rye and in that story which spans over two days of his life, I got to know how strong his love for his kid sister Phoebe is.

The next part contains spoilers, so if you haven’t read the book, look away!

Towards the end of the novel, Holden comes to visist Phoebe and she’s devastated when she hears that her older brother is planning to run away from home. So she decided that she’s going to go with him and she’s very stubborn about it till Holden reassures her that he’s not going anywhere and that he’s actually staying at home. Throughout the novel Holden constantly talks about how phony everyone is but how his sister is different from all of them.

Phoebe never says that she loves Holden, and what effect would the words “I love you” coming form a 4th grader have on the reader? Not much impact. But when its raining at the end of the novel and Phoebe does something Holden wouldn’t  expect, it shows the reader how much her actions speak her thoughts; how much she loves her older brother.

“The all of a sudden she gave me a kiss… then what she did- it damn near killed me- she reached in my coat pocket and took out my hunting hat and put it on my head.”

My sisters and I share a tight sibling bond at home. Even though we constantly don’t say “I love you” to each other every single day, we show our love in different ways such as making cookies for each other when one person is asleep, or cleaning the other person’s side of the bedroom.

My AP language class this year taught me different forms of expression. I’m not a shy person, but I definitely do not dominate class discussions and I make up for a lot of it on twitter or by writing blog posts on my other blog: ATIC STATE OF MIND: act, think, innovate, create.

It’s debatable. Do actions speak louder than words? For great writers that convey a deep message through their work, a probable no. But for most people around the world? Yes.


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